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Product design

From laboratory and technology development to market. Developing a good product is much more than polishing a prototype. It must be reliable and robust, immune to electromagnetic noise and prepared to operate in its intended environment, from homes to heavy industry. VDI also designs the housings, that must be robust and meet both IP and IK specifications, ensure the electromagnetic compatibility of the product, be resistant to different environments (industrial, marine) and be attractive to consumer markets according to their target group. VDI is also responsible for the design of rubbers, keyboards etc. ..

Our direct implication in the conceptual phase of the product together with the Marketing and Sales teams of our clients prevent further deviations in terms of price positioning and functionalities, ensuring the success of the product.

VDI is responsible for the design of test benches for the products, as well as the management of product certification, testing for both the CE or international standards such as UL or NOM.

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